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Zettabyte Consulting specializes in solving problems with microcomputer technology and internet networking. While many companies will tell you that they use products from Company X and Monopoly Y, we use the technology that's best suited to solving the problem at hand.

We at Zettabyte Consulting are dedicated to maintaining the long-view on technology. We strive for solutions that are the most cost effective to build and maintain, while providing the most rapid high quality solutions.

When appropriate, we usually choose to use open-source solutions. This allows us to actually determine a product's quality, as opposed to depending on a company's marketing department (they usually lie). It also allow us the possibility of customizing the software to the project requirement's, rather than shoe-horning in a closed product. This has the pleasant side-effect of improving the software community. Just to be fair, we usually provide several alternative proposals, though our preferred methods are usually the least expensive.

We especially enjoy projects that are radical in thought or that other people have told you "can't be done".

We enjoy the benefit of having Zettabyte Labs available to us for research and development.

Please contact us so that we may solve your problems.

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